7 Things You Didn’t Know About Tiger Woods

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  1. Do you know his real name?
    • Tiger’s name is actually Eldrick Tont Woods.
  2. He had a stutter as a child
    • He actually overcame this stutter by taking speech lessons and talking to his dog at night. Makes you wonder what they talked about.
  3. He is the only man to win the US Amateur Championship three years in a row 
    • Tiger has asserted himself as THE #1 golfer, never in the history of the sport has anyone achieved what he has.
  4. He’s been unfaithful quite a few times
    • Although Woods is the world’s best golfer, he’s not quite the world’s best husband. He’s been caught cheating multiple times with multiple women.
  5. He attended Stanford for two years
    • He studied at the prestigious university before dropping out and pursuing a professional career in golf.
  6. His current girlfriend is Erica Herman 
    • The two lovebirds met while she was managing one of his restaurants.
  7. He opened his first ever golf course
    • In 2016 he opened his own golf course called Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas.

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