7 Things You Didn’t Know About Charles Barkley

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  1. He was born underweight
    • The 6’6” basketball star was not only born underweight but faced so many health issues under the age of six weeks that he had to get a blood transfusion. Thankfully, he recovered and became a basketball icon. 
  2. He didn’t graduate with his high school class
    • Thanks to failing one Spanish class, Barkley was ineligible to walk with his class but he turned out just fine.
  3. He once dunked so hard that he moved the entire basket 
    • A 2,240 pound basket support couldn’t even take the wrath of Charles Barkley’s dunks.
  4. He used to chew up remote controllers
    • He once chewed a remote up so bad it was completely unusable. 
  5. He used to use the name Homer Simpson when checking into hotels
    • That name is almost just as attention grabbing as his real name, but if it works it works!
  6. He is now a published author and sports broadcaster
    • He published his own book called I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It and it was a best seller in 2002 selling over 125,000 copies. 
  7. He was a spokesperson for a Japanese ramen noodle company
    • He didn’t need the money at the time, and it isn’t typical that athletes are spokespeople for food companies, but Barkley is passionate about his noodles.

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