Here’s How Your Favorite Celebrities Profit from Instagram

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Nowadays any savvy celebrity knows that they must have a social media presence to connect with their audience.  Fans love having direct access to their favorite stars.  Instagram has been the platform of choice for many celebrities.  Here’s what you may not know.  Instagram can be a seven figure payday for the right celebrity.  Here’s how celebrities monetize their social media platforms.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a multi faceted celebrity. From his early years as a pro wrestler to mega superstar, Dwayne has cultivated a whopping 217 million followers on Instagram.  That makes him the 2nd most followed person on the social media site.  Dwayne’s charisma and openness to share his life keeps fans engaged and his social media numbers high.  His posts range from cute pics of his family to promoting his tequila brand, Teremana Tequila. Brands approach celebrities on a regular basis to pay them for something called a sponsored post.  In 2020, The Rock was the highest paid instagrammer, earning 1 million, 15 thousand dollars per sponsored ad.  Dwayne has also used his platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement and other social causes.  But The Rock is not the only celebrity paid to monetize Instagram..

Selena Gomez is no stranger to social media.  She was one of the first celebrities to join Instagram in 2013.  Selena held the title of the most followed person on Instagram for almost three years.  Super impressive!  She still has a massive following of 209 million people.  Selena engages her fans with posts about upcoming music, her beauty line “Rare Beauty”, and her cooking show Selena + Chef.  It is estimated she makes about 800,000 per instagram sponsored ads.  She has endorsements with Puma & Coach, and often supports political causes.  She had a special Election Day Chat with US politician and activist Stacey Abrams.  Selena also posted an Instagram chat about the importance of voting with current Vice President, then California senator, Kamala Harris. Yes, Selena does make money from Instagram by promoting her own brands but she balances her profile by genuinely connecting with fans.

Then there is the king of all digital comedy media. Kevin Hart has been delighting audiences for many years.  He is someone who definitely knows how to use social media to increase his profitability.  He was one of the first celebrities to see the benefit of social media.  He says he spent years focusing on building that personal connection with fans through social media platforms. It has certainly paid off.  Kevin has over 104 million followers on Instagram alone.   With brand endorsements for Ford, Nike, and H&M, it has been stated that Hart earns nearly $500,000 per sponsored ad.  Targeted social media has added to Kevin Hart’s net worth that is estimated at $200 million dollars.  It just goes to show you can be talented, funny, and rich all at the same time.


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