7 Things You May Not Know About Zendaya

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  • She was a backup dancer for Selena Gomez
      • You may have seen Zendaya’s moves in the hit Disney show “Shake it Up” but did you know that she was actually a backup dancer for Selena Gomez in a Sears commercial?
  • She watches the same movie once a day 
      • In a recent interview, Zendaya revealed that she kept “Harry Potter” on to keep her calm. She also shared that her friends wonder why she is always watching this classic.
  • She had to repeat Kindergarten
      • Zendaya was so shy when she was young, she actually had to repeat Kindergarten. It obviously didn’t last forever though!
  • She would be a teacher if she wasn’t acting
      • She shared that if she wasn’t an actress, she would probably be a teacher. Zendaya works really well with kids and would make a great teacher, but we don’t think her acting career is going to end any time soon.
  • Her first date was watching the Spider-Man movie
      • Although Zendaya tends to keep her love life private, she did share that she spent her first date at the movies watching Spider-Man! 
  • She inspired a Barbie doll!
      • One of Zendaya’s grammy looks was so hot that a barbie doll mimicking her look came out shortly after her appearance!
  • She’s missing a tooth on her bottom row 
      • We all have that one odd fact about ourselves, Zendaya’s is that she was born with one less tooth on her bottom row of teeth!

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